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Semiconductor Yield Links

"Yield is Everything... if you don't have product that yields, you don't have anything to sell." (Laura Peters, Semiconductor International, December 1998.)

This page contains links to a number of online articles on semiconductor yield which we found interesting.

  • Splitting Wafer Lots in Semiconductor Manufacturing Part I: The Statistician's Toolbox ,
    Jack E. Reece, Reece Associates, Ltd., Lake George, CO, USA; and George A. Milliken, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, USA

    This article is one of a series discussing cost-effective experimental design when trying to improve production yield. Of particular interest in this article is a discussion of how truth tables similar to the type produced by Q-YIELD should be interpreted. The article also discusses other statistical measures. See also Part II and Part III which unfortunately aren't linked to from Part I.

  • Yield Forecasting in Semiconductor Manufacturing
    P. K. Nag, W. Maly and H. Jacobs et al, Carnegie Mellon
    This isn't a single paper, but a link to the web site of the Y4 (Yield FOREcasting) project. You've heard of the game SimCity - well this is SimFab! This project developed a simulator which enables cost vs. yield trade-off analyses, predicting, for example, the effect of yield disruptions on learning rate and cost.

  • Improving Yield in IC Manufacturing by Statistical Analysis of a Large Database,
    François Bergeret and Yves Chandon, Motorola Semiconductor.
    This is one of the best papers I've seen in the trade press in this area. The authors view data analysis as a powerful technique to be used in combination with statistical process control and design of experiments. Although a working knowledge of statistics is required to fully understand some of the details, the worked examples give a good impression of the techniques used and the results obtained. (Note that the yield figures in this article were adjusted for commercial confidentiality).

  • Semiconductor International generally contains a column on yield management in each issue, and has in the past contained several interesting feature articles relating to semiconductor yield.

    Unfortunately their website has been re-organized and now requires registration for access, so we can no longer link you directly to some of the better articles on their site. Try using their search box to search for "Yield Management" and look through the older archived articles. Note that free subscriptions to this magazine are available to qualified individuals.

If you know of any other good online articles (or notice that any of these links have died) please let us know using the contact information on our Contact Page. Thanks.

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